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STEP 1: Find Your Dream Home.

• Visit our Sales Center or Head Office. Our experts will guide you through our beautiful homes, pricing and features to help you find the home of your dreams.

• We have in house expert Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Specialists to make your dreams a reality; all while keeping you in the best financial position.

• If you have a home to sell before you can purchase, you may write the contract “subject to the sale” of your home.

STEP 2: Securing Your Perfect Home.

• The disclosure statement will be provided upon writing your contract. Our staff will review the disclosure statement with you and answer any of your questions.

• Once you have your financing in order, it is time to remove subjects and provide your non-refundable deposit cheque to our staff.

• All deposits are provided to the lawyers office and held in an independent trust account and are protected.

STEP 3: Enjoying Your New Home.

• Approximately 2 weeks prior to your completion date, your New Home Orientation walk-through will be scheduled.

• The New Home Orientation is your opportunity to meet with our Homecare team and go through your new home prior to completion.

• Typically, the date after your completion date is your possession date. You will receive your keys and the New Homeowners Manual so you can enjoy life in your new home!  


• 5% GST is the Federal Goods & Services Tax (GST).

• You may be eligible to take advantage of a new housing rebate that we will help you with.

• Visit one of our showhomes for specific GST information on the home you are considering.


• Property Transfer Tax is no longer paid on New Homes up to $750,000. Must be your primary residence, live in the home for 1 year and be a Resident of Canada.

• Property Purchase Tax is a land tax that is paid to the provincial government. Paid with every purchase of a new home in B.C. unless eligible for an exemption.

• Property Tax is assessed and paid on an annual basis for services received from the local government. You will receive a bill once or twice a year depending on the municipality. You can pay the lump sum owed or you can ask your lender or city to collect monthly from you for this.


• The Homeowner Grant is available to help reduce the amount of property taxes paid to the municipality. You are eligible if you are a permanent resident of Canada and occupy your home as your principal residence. Information regarding the Homeowner Grant is mailed along with your property tax bill.


• Depending on your down payment, you may have a conventional mortgage or a high-ratio mortgage.

• A conventional mortgage is a mortgage that has a down payment at least 20% of the purchase price.

• If your down payment is less than 20% of the purchase price you will typically need a high-ratio mortgage. 


• Mortgage interest rates are either fixed or variable.

• A fixed interest rate is a locked-in rate that will not increase for the term of the mortgage.

• A variable rate fluctuates based on the Bank of Canada Prime Rate.








*These amounts are not exact and may differ for each of Mortise Group of Companies' Townhomes. The Calculator is for a general idea and is not to be relied upon for making payment determinations.


• Absolutely not. Our qualified staff and in-house Realtors are here to help and save you money! Should you wish to bring a Realtor along, we can provide them with all the information they need.

• We offer the most competitive and market aggressive pricing in the lower mainland so that our clients live happily with extra money in their pockets! 


• When you arrive with your clients or visiting alone, please register and leave a business card with our Sales Team.

• Our project Show Homes are open 12–5 daily except Fridays; if you have any questions call us or come by any time!


• Our Sales Team consists of veterans in the Real Estate field with a combined 20 years of experience serving the community.

• We pride ourselves on our relationships with the community and have links to a wide range of financial and legal institutes to get you the best service possible!

Come on in and allow us to make your dreams a reality! 


• A strata is responsible for managing the common property and common assets of the completed development for the benefit of the owners. The owners of each home within the development are members of the strata.


• The strata council is a group of elected owners who oversee the day-to-day running of the property and the strata’s affairs.
• If you’re interested in volunteering your time to the strata council then be sure to attend your strata meetings for specific instructions.


• Strata fees cover items such as insurance for the building and common areas, landscaping, garbage pickup and snow removal. Be sure to check the disclosure statement to see what is included in your strata fees.

• A percentage of your strata fee will also be set aside into a contingency fund for future repairs and long-term maintenance.


Splitting this section into 3 sub-sections allows for clear & concise explanations for customers.


Splitting this section into 3 sub-sections allows for clear & concise explanations for customers.


Splitting this section into 3 sub-sections allows for clear & concise explanations for customers.

2-5-10 warranty for new homes.

Mortise Warranty


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